Things we make

Signature Gin

A perfectly balanced flavour profile means Tickle Signature Gin can be paired and garnished in a variety of different ways. Its versatility means it can be used for creative cocktail making, or simply paired with your favourite tonic water for a perfect G&T.


On the nose: Fresh. Fragrant. Subtly spiced. Inviting.

On the tongue: Lively and complex, intense juniper at the forefront complimented by depth of coriander, zesty lemon peel and ginger. The secret recipe gives rise to a well balanced profile, that’s smooth and creamy on the tongue.

The aftertaste: Refreshing, mouthwatering, moreish. Need we say more?

Raspberry Bakewell Gin

Fancy something a little different? Tickle’s Raspberry Bakewell Gin is delightful when sipped neat over ice, used as a twist on the classic G&T, or as part of a Tickle Tipple. Very fancy! This is a guaranteed for gin lovers alike, and will even change the minds of those indifferent to gin.


On the nose: Freshly picked raspberries. Subtle fragrant juniper.

On the tongue: Fruity and Sweet. Upfront pippy raspberries followed by fragrant juniper and subtle sweetness of cassia. Slight acidity from the natural raspberry and the zesty lemons. A subtle biscuity almond note rounds off the end.

The aftertaste: Crisp yet almost buttery on the tongue. Glugable.