Our Story

Tickle Drinks was born how most great ideas are – over a Gin and Tonic. After a year of meticulous development and of course a lot of gin tasting, Tickle Gin came to life. A true premium, artisanal gin that’s a pleasure to drink. To make something extra special – extra care must be taken. That’s why our spirits are hand-crafted, made in very small batches using carefully sourced ingredients.

Most gins are made in giant copper stills in large batches that are subjected to high temperatures over a long period of time. Tickle Gin is made using a very rare vacuum-distillation method. Our special equipment allows us to extract the delicious flavours of the Juniper and the other botanicals in our secret recipe, under much lower temperatures, very quickly. This means the botanicals retain their freshness and this gives Tickle Gin its unique clean and fresh taste. We only ever use natural ingredients, our Raspberry Bakewell Gin uses fresh raspberries, gently steeped over time to bring out the rich and fruity flavour.